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Class Schedules

The following schedules are available for you to download and print.

DWI Education   

                2018 D.W.I Education Class - ARCADA

                2019 D.W.I Education Class - ARCADA

DWI Intervention     

                2018 D.W.I Intervention - ARCADA

                2019 D.W.I Intervention - ARCADA

Drug Offender Education Program   

               2018 Drug Offender Education Program - ARCADA

               2019 Drug Offender Education Program - ARCADA


                2018 Cognitive Class Schedule             

                2019 Cognitive Class Schedule             

Victim Impact Panel 

                2018 Abilene Victim Impact Panel

                2019 Abilene Victim Impact Panel

                A.A./Ala-Non Meetings Schedule
                N.A. Meeting Schedule

                2018 Theft Class
                2018 Alcohol and Drug Awareness

                2019 Theft Class
                2019 Alcohol and Drug Awareness


NOTE:  The files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.