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Employee Directory

Employee Title

Email Address

Acklin, Matthew Community Supervision Officer macklin@taylorcscd.org
Alderman, Kameron Community Supervision Officer kalderman@taylorcscd.org
Altendorf, Chris Residential Substance Abuse Counselor caltendorf@taylorcscd.org
Ancell, Lane Residential Monitor N/A
Anderson, Glen Community Supervision Officer ganderson@taylorcscd.org
Arterberry, Jacquez Residential Supervision Officer jarterberry@taylorcscd.org
Bartts, Lori Community Supervision Officer lbartts@taylorcscd.org
Battee, Deborah Community Supervision Officer dbattee@taylorcscd.org
Beasley, Katrina Supervisor kbeasley@taylorcscd.org
Bogle, Christina Community Supervision Officer cbogle@taylorcscd.org
Bryan, Lee Ann Transfer Specialist lbryan@taylorcscd.org
Brown, Kelly Community Supervision Officer kbrown@taylorcscd.org
Campbell, Jennifer Secretary jcampbell@taylorcscd.org
Casarez, Arturo Community Supervision Officer acasarez@taylorcscd.org
Castillo, Lucas Residential Shift Supervisor lcastillo@taylorcscd.org
Castro, Roy Employment Coordinator rcastro@taylorcscd.org
Cauthen, Jennifer Residential Supervisor jtrueblood@taylorcscd.org
Coffey, Brenda Secretary bcoffey@taylorcscd.org
Coker, Kyle Director kcoker@taylorcscd.org
Contreras, Jordan Community Supervision Officer jcontreras@taylorcscd.org
Cross, Cody Substance Abuse Counselor ccross@taylorcscd.org
Davis, Brad Residential Program Coordinator bdavis@taylorcscd.org
Davis, Saegan Community Supervision Officer sdavis@taylorcscd.org
Dixon, Getana Community Supervision Officer gdixon@taylorcscd.org
Dolan, Jana Residential Cook N/A
Dominguez, Karla Community Supervision Officer kdominguez@taylorcscd.org
Drake, Shirley Substance Abuse Counselor sdrake@taylorcscd.org
Edwards, Marisa Residential Shift Supervisor medwards@taylorcscd.org
Edwards, Tiffany Community Supervision Officer tedwards@taylorcscd.org
Epps, Cheyenne Community Supervision Officer cepps@taylorcscd.org
Escamilla, Jose Community Supervision Officer jescamilla@taylorcscd.org
Evans, Kyle Community Supervision Officer kevans@taylorcscd.org
Evans, Troy Community Supervision Officer tevans@taylorcscd.org
Fears, Pamela Residential Part Time Cook N/A
Flores, Rikki Therapist rflores@taylorcscd.org
Gallardo, Angelica Residential Nurse N/A
Gonzales, Anna Pre-trial Diversion Case Manager agonzales@taylorcscd.org
Graham, Jessica Supervisor jgraham@taylorcscd.org
Grant, Michael Residential Monitor N/A
Gruben, Devan Community Supervision Officer dgruben@taylorcscd.org
Gruben, Tyler Community Supervision Officer tgruben@taylorcscd.org
Henderson, Jai Community Supervision Officer jhenderson@taylorcscd.org
Hernandez, Johnathon Residential  Cook N/A
Higgins, Bettina Community Supervision Officer bhiggins@taylorcscd.org
Hollis, Mary Auditor mhollis@taylorcscd.org
Howard, Becky Residential Supervision Officer bhoward@taylorcscd.org
James, Shonda Substance Abuse Counselor sjames@taylorcscd.org
Johnson, DeeJay Residential Monitor N/A
Jones, Terie Community Supervision Officer tjones@taylorcscd.org
Judge, Sean Community Supervision Officer sjudge@taylorcscd.org
Kirby, John Community Supervision Officer jkirby@taylorcscd.org
Kirby, Lucinda Residential Shift Supervisor N/A
Landreth, Heather Community Supervision Officer hlandreth@taylorcscd.org
Leonard, Kelli Residential Supervision Officer kleonard@taylorcscd.org
Lester, Elizabeth Residential Monitor N/A
Lindley, John Residential Monitor N/A
Martin, Kelli Researcher/Policy Planner kmartin@taylorcscd.org
Massey, Pam Transfer Specialist pmassey@taylorcscd.org
Matthews, Sherry Accounting Supervisor smatthews@taylorcscd.org
McDaniel, Dawn Administrative Assistant dmcdaniel@taylorcscd.org
McShane, Jennifer Residential Shift Supervisor jmcshane@taylorcscd.org
Mitchell, Stormy Administrative Services Supervisor smitchell@taylorcscd.org
Munoz, Ester Collection Specialist emunoz@taylorcscd.org
Nault, Scott Community Supervision Officer snault@taylorcscd.org
Nelson, Lanasha Substance Abuse Counselor Supervisor lnelson@taylorcscd.org
Newman, Charlene Residential Food Service Supervisor


Offield, Angela Community Supervision Officer aoffield@taylorcscd.org
Pacheco, Steven Residential Monitor


Parra, Christina Residential Monitor


Pitt, Whitney Community Supervision Officer wpitt@taylorcscd.org
Rice, Faith Community Supervision Officer frice@taylorcscd.org
Roa, Nickie Community Supervision Officer nroa@taylorcscd.org
Robert, Willie Supervisor wrobert@taylorcscd.org
Roberts, Paula Accounting Clerk proberts@taylorcscd.org
Rose, Brett Auditor brose@taylorcscd.org
Rowland, Debbie Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Director drowland@taylorcscd.org
Saunders, Amy Community Supervision Officer asaunders@taylorcscd.org
Scarborough, Leslie Supervisor of Floor Operations


Simon, Richard Community Supervision Officer rsimon@taylorcscd.org
Skiles, Bruce Supervisor bskiles@taylorcscd.org
Strickland, Lisa Community Supervision Officer lstrickland@taylorcscd.org
Strickland, Martha Supervisor mstrickland@taylorcscd.org
Talasek, Jacob Residential Monitor N/A
Theurer, Anne Restitution Clerk atheurer@taylorcscd.org
Thompson, Ashley Substance Abuse Counselor Intern athompson@taylorcscd.org
Thompson, Cheyenne Community Supervision Officer cthompson@taylorcscd.org
Tipton, Jeremy Chief of Information Technology jtipton@taylorcscd.org
Tipton, Jessica Human Resource Director jltipton@taylorcscd.org
Villa, Breanna Community Supervision Officer bvilla@taylorcscd.org
Walker, Jonathan Residential Monitor N/A
Witkowski, Natalie Auditor nwitkowski@taylorcscd.org
Yates, Carol Accounting Clerk cyates@taylorcscd.org