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The Community Supervision and Corrections Department of Taylor, Callahan and Coleman Counties acknowledges the invaluable role of the Community Justice Council in defining community corrections philosophy, and developing concepts, issues, and strategies to curb crime in the community. Current members of the Council are:

  • Lee Hamilton, Judge 104th Judicial District
  • Thomas Wheeler, Judge 350th Judicial District
  • John Weeks, Judge 42nd Judicial District
  • Aleta Hacker, Judge 326th Judicial District
  • Barbara Rollins, Judge County Court-at-Law #2
  • Robert Harper, Judge County Court-at-Law #1
  • George Newman, Taylor County Judge  
  • Roger Corn, Callahan County Judge
  • Jimmie Hobbs, Coleman County Judge
  • James Eidson, Taylor County District Attorney
  • Shane Deel, Callahan County Attorney
  • Heath Hemphill, Coleman County Attorney
  • Les Bruce, Taylor County Sheriff
  • John Windham, Callahan County Sheriff
  • Wade Turner, Coleman County Sheriff
  • Michael Wolfe, Director Community Supervision and Corrections Department
  • Stan Egger, Commissioner Taylor County Council Chair
  • Joe Flores, TDCJ-Parole Division
  • Melvin Martin, Chief of Police, Abilene Police Department
  • Ken Merchant, Deputy Chief of Police, Abilene Police Department 

  • Richard Arnwine, SGT Texas Department of Public Safety 
  • Mike Lindsay, Chief, Taylor County Juvenile Probation Department
  • Susan King, Representative 71st District of Texas
  • David Polnick, Superintendent AISD
  • Jenny Goode, MHMR Betty Hardwick Center
  • Paul Draper, Department of Human Services
  • Diane Dotson, Crime Victim Crisis Center
  • Vicki Lyons, Texas Workforce Commission 
  • Anthony Williams, Abilene City Council
  • Bill Dean, School Board Member
  • Karla Rose, Abilene Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Ms. Chris Burns, Texas Rehabilitation Commission
  • Dixie Bassett, United Way of Abilene
  • Karin Brown, Hardin-Simmons University